“1, 2, 3 START OVER!!!” God is a God of New Beginnings

As a child (and even still as an adult, let’s be honest), my parents would always use the phrase “1, 2, 3 START OVER” with my siblings and me. Whenever we wanted a fresh start after throwing a tantrum or doing something unkind or disobedient, we would yell “1, 2, 3 START OVER!!!!” and weContinue reading ““1, 2, 3 START OVER!!!” God is a God of New Beginnings”

Living a Full and Intentional Life with JOY

The first time I met Joy Enyinnaya, my girls and I were playing in the courtyard of our apartment complex. She walked past us on her way to campus. She looked gorgeous and walked with so much confidence and purpose—she radiated light! When she told me her name was Joy, I said, “Of course itContinue reading “Living a Full and Intentional Life with JOY”

“A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices”

If you’re feeling weary this season, pour out your heart to your Father in Heaven. He is aware of you and loves you perfectly. He won’t leave you comfortless. As you seek to make Jesus Christ the focus of your life, He will fill your life with purpose and you will be able to fully rejoice in a “new and glorious morn.”