Never Suppress a Generous Thought

“Never suppress a generous thought!”

This quote by Camilla E. Kimball has been running through my mind a lot this week. I’ve been on the receiving end of so many generous thoughts lately, which has caused me to reflect on my own thoughts and actions.

Do I sometimes suppress a generous thought to say or do something for someone else because I think it will look silly/uncomfortable or that it won’t be worth it? Yes!

But the good news is that all God hopes of us is that we do our best. Some days my “best” looks better than other days, and that’s okay!

However, I can confirm that I have never regretted expressing a generous thought with the intention of blessing someone else.

My Mission is to Bless

When we recognize and respond to someone else’s need, we are working as instruments in God’s hands.

For Christmas last year, my parents gifted each of their adult kids with a beautiful print for each of our homes that reads: “My mission is to bless.” Having this in my home has been such a good reminder to keep my eyes open to see how I can fulfill my mission to lift and bless others.

As Spencer W. Kimball said, “God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.”

This is such a humbling reminder to me that we can help in God’s work by doing small and simple things: expressing love and gratitude for a loved one, telling that random worker at Sam’s Club that her happy greeting makes our whole day so much brighter, telling a mom who is chasing her kid at the park that she is crushing it, and showing a bit more patience with others.

I’ll end with this little poem that came into my life at a time I really needed the reminder:

“I have wept in the night
At my shortness of sight
That to others’ needs made me blind,
But I never have yet
Had a twinge of regret
For being a little too kind

― C.R. Gibson

I invite you to pray to Heavenly Father and ask how you can bless others this week. May you share your generous thoughts and lift where you stand.

God is good and His instruments are pretty handy too. 🙂

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