Latter-day Saint tenor Nathan Pacheco finds peace in new Christian album

Note: Originally published as “Latter-day Saint tenor Nathan Pacheco finds peace in new Christian album” on June 16, 2019, by Kelsey Schwab Adams, For The Church News.

“My goal for my music is to have an effect for good on people and hopefully help them find more peace in their lives and feel a little bit closer to heaven. That is one of my heart’s deepest desires.”

Although Nathan Pacheco has performed a variety of projects throughout his vocal career, his latest album released, “My Prayer,” has brought him “a little closer to heaven” than he was before.

“In all of my singing, whether I’m singing religious music or not, I try to always focus on things that mean most to me,” Pacheco said in a telephone interview. “Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ make up an integral part of who I am and they give meaning to everything else in my life, so doing an album like this is special for me. It allows me to kind of focus on those things that have such a deep place in my heart and channel those emotions through the music.”

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Featured Image: “My Prayer” contains arrangements of 11 Christian songs, including “You Raise Me Up,” “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” and one of Pacheco’s favorites: “Oceans.” Credit: Deseret Book

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